Inner Landing

Inner Landing

Inner Landing

The ‘Inner Landing’ series is a tribute to the art of reclamation and transformation. Oldera’s selection of modernist pieces and Ilaria Bellomo’s exploration of Noir and matter come together in a unique union. Each piece has been meticulously chosen for its singularities, imperfections, and distinctive essence. These objects have been transformed, restoring their original nature while enhancing their craftsmanship and art, respecting both the materials and the planet Earth. This is a fusion of elements from different ages and origins, weaving together a layered tapestry of memories and personal fragments that merge with ancient and unknown ones. Past, present, and future merge in a oneiric dimension where space and time dissolve, giving life to an unlocated place, belonging only to the collective unconscious. The color Noir symbolizes the Earth, transforming into a blossoming garden and a metaphysical space of human imagination. Enter this portal and discover the hidden essence in everything.

Entrance to an eternal Jardin

An eternal and internal garden. A Noir that blooms and blossoms. A place both symbolic and tangible. The first piece of the series was created with the intention of giving new life to and transforming an armoire from another era, which had accumulated signs of wear and cracks over time and was without doors. These characteristics, the evidence of the passage of time and the changes in the object, have been valued and are an intrinsic essence of the piece’s history. The armoire now retains its unique quality of having been found without doors, transforming into a portal that reveals a Noir garden within. Each flower, leaf, plant, and blade of grass has been carefully handcrafted using reclaimed materials.

Unconscious Reflection

Mysterious mirror, Hathor’s mirror, archetypal mirror. A door, a powerful means that leads our imagination towards a different perception. It does not lie, it does not deceive, it reflects the essence and not the image. The second piece of the series was born with the intention of reclaiming and transforming a Baroque-era mirror into a Noir mirror. Once again, the intrinsic essence of the object is not altered. The Baroque aesthetics are reconnected with a three-dimensional patchwork of antique fabrics, embroidery and trimmings. In this creation, color Noir is enhanced in all its intensities and nuances, thanks to a careful study of the materials, light, and surface.

Materic Stories

A creation of matter, reminiscent of a memory encapsulated in a physical body, traversing through time and placed in the present. Two Pierre Cardin chairs (1980-1989), restored to their original form, merged with the elaborate and textural fabrics of Ilaria Bellomo through a process of hand weaving using scraps and fragments of vintage and antique clothing.

Falling Floor

Reconstruction of a fragment of land, of a piece of the world.
Meeting between the deepest roots and the challenges of the present. The fourth piece in the series is entirely made from leather and tapestry fabrics leftovers from Oldera, combined with leftovers from the other pieces of this series. In this act of recovery, what was meant to be discarded has been transformed into an object of immeasurable value. The leftovers materials are transformed into a unique, three-dimensional and elaborate texture, using artisanal techniques and manual weaving.

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