Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1.1. Contractual partners

Nuova Stilgom SRL operates a Home & Living Shop (“Web Shop”) on Oldera.it through which the customer ("customer" or "you") can purchase products from Old Era, which Old Era in turn purchases from distributors.

1.4. Changes to the general terms of trade

Old Era si riserva il diritto di modificare i termini e le condizioni in ogni momento, dando per scontato che le modifiche non siano irragionevoli o svantaggiose nei confronti del cliente. Il cliente verrà informato riguardo alle eventuali modifiche tramite email almeno quattro settimane prima del loro ingresso in vigore. Le modifiche vengono approvate a meno che il cliente non abbia mosso obiezioni tramite email a info@oldera.it entro quattro settimane dalla notifica. All’occorrenza di una modifica dei termini e delle condizioni, il cliente ne verrà informato, in particolare al riguardo delle scadenze e della possibilità di muovere obiezioni. Se il cliente si avvale autonomamente del diritto di muovere obiezioni, Old Era si riserva il diritto di cancellare l’account del cliente dal momento in cui i nuovi termini e condizioni entrano in vigore. Il cliente verrà messo al corrente di questo tramite email.

1.2. Customer, Entrepreneur

The customer is such insofar as the purpose of the products and services ordered is not predominantly attributable to his or her own commercial activity. On the contrary, the entrepreneur is any individual, legal person or company with legal capacity, which carries out its commercial activity in the final stages of the contract.

1.5. Download the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be printed, examined and kept in their current version at any time via the "Terms and Conditions" link on the homepage.

1.3 Validity of the general terms of trade

These terms and conditions of trade are valid for any contract between Old Era and the customer regarding the sale of products through the online store, in the version in effect at the time of the order. The general terms of trade of the customer, which are opposed or deviating from the following provisions, do not apply unless their validity has been acknowledged by us in writing. The following commercial conditions retain their validity when we unconditionally carry out the delivery and the service, while aware of contradicting the conditions of the customer or the following commercial terms.

1.6. Deadline information

The working days indicated as deadlines refer to all days of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Italy.

2. Registration

2.1. Registration

To order products on our site you need to create an account and specify your personal data. In our privacy policy you can find detailed information on Old Era's personal data management.


2.2. Correctness and use of data

The user is required to enter their personal data for registration in a complete and correct manner, and also declares to confidentially manage their access data and not to provide them to third parties. Registration is immediately confirmed as soon as it is sent.

3. Supply and Availability

3.1. Product images

The products offered by Old Era are shown on the website. Slight differences between the photograph and the actual characteristics do not constitute a defect of the ordered product. For example, slight color differences may be due to light.

3.2. Availability

L’accettazione dell’ordine dipende dalla disponibilità del prodotto. In quanto molti dei prodotti disponibili sul nostro Web Shop sono pezzi unici, la loro disponibilità non può essere garantita. Se Old Era non è in grado di accettare un ordine come conseguenza di incapacità del fornitore di confermare una disponibilità, il cliente verrà prontamente informato. Se il cliente intende effettuare un ordine più grande, come cliente privato o imprenditore, è pregato di inviare anticipatamente all’ordine una mail a info@oldera.it in modo tale da assicurarne la disponibilità.

4. Finalization of the contract

4.1. Contractual partners

The contractual partner is Nuova Stilgom SRL, Via Cesare Battisti 5280, 7421 Taranto

4.2. Order

The display of products in the online store does not represent a legally binding offer, but a non-binding catalog. By clicking on "Buy" the customer places an order for the products contained in the cart. The confirmation is sent immediately after the order has been sent and does not represent any contractual acceptance. The sole purpose is to provide the customer with an overview of the order. In your account you can check the information and data of your order.

4.3. Order acceptance

Old Era accepts the order by sending the customer a notification within five days. Each payment made by the customer becomes valid only after receiving an order acceptance notification.

5.Right of withdrawal in case of unavailability

If, for reasons for which Old Era cannot be held responsible, the product is not available from the supplier with whom the transaction exists, Old Era will immediately inform the customer, and will have the right to withdraw from the contract. In this case, Old Era will refund the customer for any payment made.

6. Price

6.1. Price details

For orders placed on Oldera.it the price at the time of the order is in Euros. The prices specified are final and include the additional value tax and other components of the price, while shipping costs and local taxes are excluded.

6.2. Vouchers, customer credit balances, offers

Only one type of discount can be applied to a single order placed on the site. Vouchers can only be used once per order and cannot be combined with the customer's credit balance. "Sale" offers and promotions are excluded from percentage vouchers, unless otherwise expressly indicated.


4.1. Contractual partners

The payment methods for the purchase indicated in the online ordering process are available on oldera.it. Currently they include PayPal (paypal.de) and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

7.2. Payments by credit card

The credit card details are entered by the customer on our secure payment pages. The encrypted data is sent directly from the SSL system to the card institution. Following the successful completion of the security exam, the invoiced amount is automatically and immediately charged. Once the transaction has been completed, Old Era processes the order within the agreed delivery times. Credit notes are credited to the customer's credit card.

7.3. Payments with PayPal

For payments with PayPal, the customer is redirected to the PayPal payment page. The customer's account information must be specified on this page and the payment to Nuova Stilgom SRL must be confirmed. Payment is made immediately. Credit notes are credited to the customer's PayPal account.

8. Retention of title

The delivered product remains the property of Old Era or the supplier until payment is completed by the customer.

9. Delivery, shipping and costs

9.1. Delivery and shipping

The type and size of the product determine the shipment - by post or via a forwarder - to Italy, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. America. If the customer is a private individual, Old Era is responsible for the risks relating to delivery and shipping.

9.4. Delivery time

The delivery times specified on the site are calculated starting from the delivery of the order (finalization of the contract) and from the moment in which Old Era receives payment in the case of a purchase by prepayment.

The product is delivered on time respecting the delivery scheduled by our supplier as part of the corresponding agreement with the supplier.

9.2. Partial deliveries

Nuova Stilgom SRL has the right to make partial deliveries.

9.5. Right of withdrawal for a delivery error

Old Era immediately informs the customer in case of any type of impediment concerning the shipment that makes it impossible to respect the agreed terms. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract if the delay exceeds four weeks. This does not affect the customer's right of legal withdrawal (sezione 10). Old Era also has the right to break the contract if the delay exceeds four weeks. In case of withdrawal by the customer and / or Old Era, the customer will be reimbursed for any payment already made.

9.3. Delivery and shipping costs

The products are shipped at the price indicated on the product sheet. These prices depend on the number of orders to the various suppliers, on the address, size and weight of the product. Import taxes and customs and administrative costs on items shipped outside the European Union are not included in the shipping and delivery costs, and must be paid before the latter is carried out.

All islands, including Hawaii and the state of Alaska in the United States, are excluded from our standard shipping costs shown online.

Prima di effettuare un ordine verso queste aree scrivi una mail a info.oldera@gmail.com per sapere qual è il costo di spedizione. Inoltre ti ricordiamo che questa lista non è esaustiva e potremmo richiedere dei costi aggiuntivi per spedizioni verso aree remote.

10. Warranty and Liability

12.1 Returns

After receiving the item, the customer has 14 days to make the return with return costs at his own expense. In the event of a non-conforming or damaged item the seller (Old Era) will provide a return shipping label -

12.2 Insurance

Old Era automatically applies 100% insurance on shipments. This fee is included in the shipping costs.

11. Promotional coupons

11.1. Offer and validity of promotional vouchers

Old Era offers promotional vouchers (non-purchasable vouchers, distributed as part of advertising campaigns, with limited validity). Discount coupons are valid only in the specified period and can only be used as part of an order. Individual products may be excluded from the voucher promotion.

11.4. Transfer of promotional vouchers to third parties and their combination

Promotional vouchers cannot be transferred to third parties and cannot be combined.

11.2. Value of assets and residual balance

The value of the product must at least equal that of the voucher. By law, Old Era does not refund any remaining balance.

11.5. Balance of residual credit

If the credit of a voucher is not sufficient for the order, it is possible to balance the difference using our available payment methods.

11.3. Use of promotional vouchers

Promotional vouchers can only be used before the conclusion of an order. Subsequent compensation is not possible. The balance of the voucher is not refunded in cash or in the form of interest.

11.6. Refund of promotional vouchers

As the vouchers are distributed as part of advertising and promotional campaigns, their value is non-refundable even when an entire product or part of it is returned to Old Era.

12. Data protection

The Old Era privacy statement is exhibited here .

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