An experimental take
on vintage design

Discover the collection during
Milano Design Week 2023

“Generation OLDERA” project aims to collaborate with a range of talented artists to customize a unique selection of vintage items with their own distinct style. With the debut of “Generation OLDERA” at the Milan Design Week, the brand is showcasing the work of Fashion Designer Ilaria Bellomo and Tattoo artist Davide Ciarletta – known as Mindshapes – as they collaborated to produce a collection of vintage pieces that are reimagined with a contemporary twist. Through this initiative, OLDERA is not only promoting its brand but also supporting young designers and artists, fostering a vibrant community of creative minds.

All Black Everything

Discover the mystifying essence of Noir translated into art by Ilaria Bellomo in her exclusive collaborative collection with Generation OLDERA. “Inner Landing” is a spiritual search and an act of recovery and transformation, handcrafted by Ilaria herself alongside experienced artisans, fully respecting the materials and the planet. Come experience the union of Noir and Planet Earth at Milan Design Week and discover the unique pieces of the “Inner Landing” collection.

All lines Vibrations

Davide Ciarletta, aka “Mindshapes”, born as a tattooist, is a Milanese artist from Satatttvision collective. Over time he has developed his own specific style portraying lines. He opens up dimensional spaces creating conceptual compositions and infinite flows of natural shape projections, synthesizing true expression into vibration. Everything we feel is vibration. Light is vibration, Sound is vibration, Energy, in all its forms, is vibration. From skin, to painting, graphic design, jewels and walls, the next step will be into design world, thanks to collaboration with Oldera and the creation of the collection “COSMICA”

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