COSMICA arises from the desire to give a spiritual and oniric vision of the world of furniture. The meet between modernism and a minimal and contemporary aesthetic vision, imbued with cosmic consciousness, gives life to timeless design. The furnitures are worked with different technics the bring to light the characteristics and composition lines of the piece.  Each piece gets projected into a cosmic dimension in which flowing “shapes” make its soul vibrate. G.oldera will be the Era, a new Era, where the being will reappropriate of the comprehension of the soul through the light. Born on a water city, element of life, source of creation of all things. The universe is not other than an infinite number o vibrations and rhythms.

Energia Solare

Mantilla, the sofa of designer Kazuhide Takahama, vives an evocative and cosmic creative process. Creating with the sun, using the Fresnel lens, radiating the energy through a ray of sunlight on the Mantilla’s chenille, making the piece fly in a timeless space. The ray of white light, source of ability to see, becomes the creative medium that creates the lines through the lens movement around the sofa. The process creates a contrasts game, over a chenille where the contrast and reflection make it changing over the day, linking into the point of view from which it is experienced and to the enlightenment it gets, making it become a unique and iconic piece.

Luce Cosmica

Light is vibration, source through which the universe manifests itself.  Platea Artemide, is a piece that comes from the 60′, that has contemporary and futuristic characters. Made of a first sphere, covered with a second piece over it. The working process develop a fumé texture on the external part, creating empty lines through which the light goes, while the inner part is worked in the opposite way. The lines of the inner and external part coincide from a specific point of view, creating connection between the parts.


We’re a Waves-based universe, in the waves lies the secret of creation. The tide of the waves creates, manifesting itself in the element of the water, source of life. A table coming from the 70′ is worked by engraving technic with Dremel tool, giving life to a transparency effect between the upper and lower part thanks to the fumé glass, that makes the lower part darker. It shows the waves of the sea, that surrounds the place of the production and creation.

Forme Riflesse

Reflection surface in which perceive yourself, with a strong structural force. The mirror comes from 80′, it maintains a uniqueness deriving from its strong shape impact, the triangle, a geometry at the basis of the nature of things. We live in a body where the visual perception is facing outwards, look at yourself now, observe. You’re surrounded by vibrations, up and down, inside and out, above and below. The mirror serves to live this experience, daily.

Sedute Fluttuanti

Set of 4 vintage modern seats from 70′ , with a smooth and minimal taste, thanks to the use of black shaved tissue and a metal structure. The seats are placed one beside the other and painted all in a unique flow that goes over the four chairs, creating a unique composition. If united the design is created, if separated around a table, each conserves a piece of it, making an energy circle around the table. 

Space Era

A galactic chaise lounge that makes you go into cosmic space, with a spaceship space, where if you seat, your body rays out vibrations. A futuristic shape despite the date of the piece around the 80’s, that underline even more the choice of black skin as a coating, which gives it an elegant and contemporary trait. Engraving the skin, the flower gets removed, creating a lighter surface between water green/grey color, with a contrast texture not only visible but also touchable, that enhance the quality of the coating and create an interesting effect.

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